Professional personal assistant

It is not necessary to go to museums to admire works of art. Paris itself is a museum in the open air from luxurious gardens, majestic parks, piers to tram stops and even the walls of old, and modern buildings. To enjoy, you just need to open your eyes and choose the most interesting routes for walking. 

And not to get lost in the intricacies of the capital streets will help VIP escort ladies in the face of a charming companion of the agency, which during the trip will take on the duties of a personal guide, companion and professional translator. 

Naturally, museum gardens are the most privileged place to enjoy works of art in the open air. And you can start with the complex Rodin, where a complex of modern sculptures is located on a three-hectare area covered with plentiful greenery. Among the exhibits are the famous "Penseur" or "la Porte de l'Enfer". 

Futuristic sculptural compositions of the Cubists adorn the magnificent garden of the Zadkine Museum, and about twenty works by the famous sculptor Aristide Mayol can be found walking in the heart of Paris, the Tuileries Garden. 

To see the unusual Museum of outdoor sculpture is another reason to stroll along the banks of the Seine. At the foot of the "Institut du monde arabe", along the quays, not enclosed by barriers, there are 30 unique sculptural compositions, such great masters as César, Brancusi or Nicholas Schöffer. 

And do not forget to visit the Igor Stravinsky fountain, which is easily recognizable by 16 multi-colored sculptures bathed in lively streams of water. 

The square on which the fountain is located is protected from the noise of the city motorway and is an area of tranquility and silence, providing an excellent restaurant for those wishing to relax after hiking. 

And then, enjoying the rest, you will be glad that you did not forget in advance of Paris call girls and you are accompanied by a charming companion who not only knows the city well, but is also a professional personal assistant. 

And also will not miss the most interesting exhibitions, concerts and international events that the French capital is so rich in the spring. 

And who is better than a beautiful, intelligent intelligent woman will help to have a good rest, to choose a souvenir or to update the wardrobe, with pleasure to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant or relax in the best nightclubs of the city.