Restaurants for night owls

Night Paris is full of temptations, clubs and casinos, romantic walks escorted by the Paris escort service can go on far after midnight. And so that the hungry stomach does not spoil the pleasure of walking, there are restaurants in the city ready to tasty and nutritious meals at any time of the day. And it will not be a third-rate service with buns or sandwiches, but a real exquisite table for the night owls.

Au Pied de Cochon, the legendary brewery since 1947 engaged in round-the-clock service invites night owls for a sumptuous dinner. Here you can try beef tenderloin under pepper sauce, double pork ribs with mushrooms and apples, roasted blue or Canadian lobster, oysters and Guanadian chocolate from Liège. And this is besides beer, champagne and fine French wine.

Excellent service in an atmosphere of retro offers La Poule au Pot restaurant, where since 1935 almost nothing has changed.

An intimate retro-decor, antique posters, old radios and a thousand more little things that create an atmosphere of deep immersion in the past. Until 5 am, chicken stew, snails, fried bone marrow, tartar meat, lamb confit and a dozen delicacies are served here. A real paradise for night owls who want to get rid of hunger.

Infuse the atmosphere of this bistro, night travelers can at the restaurant Chez Denise. Do not be surprised if even in the middle of the night almost all the tables in this institution will be occupied. The restaurant enjoys well-deserved popularity with the local population, and the schedule of its work, residents of the neighborhoods know by heart. In the menu, veal kidneys with mustard, puchero, veal fillets and veal ribs.

Perhaps, everything is not as exquisite as in five-star restaurants, where the food takes only one-tenth of the plate, but tasty, satisfying and abundant.
If in the middle of the night you want a story accompanying you as escort Paris, a lady in a more refined establishment is recommended to Capucines Grand Café.

The Paris Art-Nouveau brasserie, with red velvet armchairs, colored stained-glass windows, a glass roof and carved wooden ornaments will give a refined charm to your too late dinner. Reputation of the fine restaurant restaurant brought perfectly prepared oysters, Parisian lobsters and seafood dishes.

As they say in Paris - night walks are not a reason to remain hungry.