River gastronomic cruise!

If Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, then Sena is its most luxurious street, and cruise yachts and boats are the best transport to comfortably travel along the city's main thoroughfare. And do not just travel, but choose a taste of gastronomic tour on the water.

And do not deny yourself the pleasure, even if you do not have anyone to make a company. Want to get a double pleasure - order the paris escort service and together with the beautiful lady, with the figure and face of the model, plunge into the most unforgettable adventure.

The company Yachts de Paris, whose fleet consists of 8 ships, offers elite individual travel. You can even order a cruise dinner for two with champagne and the finest French wine.

Outside - comfort, elegance and charm of the European yacht, inside - an intimate classic atmosphere and restrained music, plus a delightful menu from Guy Krenzer, received the title of the best chef in the category of delicacies. You can order fresh lobster with citrus, culibiac from salmon or Provencal rabbit terrine, as well as the most delicious desserts.

Travel, reminiscent of the adventure, offers the famous promenade ship Capitaine Fracasse. And in addition to a very detailed excursion to the landmark of the capital, you are waited by pleasant surprises, original gifts and a decent menu in which poultry is combined with foie gras from dried fruits, profiteroles with crab are served with vegetables and crispy potatoes, and a mix of three types of fish combined with a fricassee of vegetables and all this for excellent French wine.

Do not be discouraged if the weather hinders a trip on the water or you are rocked even on the deck of river ships, you can still enjoy a luxurious dinner on the Seine. Just instead of the floating transport, choose parked barges, reconstructed for restaurants.

If you are interested in the press and everything connected with it, and also have a desire to talk with masters of advertising and media professionals, go to the pier Issy-les-Moulineaux, where among the lush luxury of nature is Le River Café. Or, to the largest barge in Europe, with an area of ​​up to 600 square meters, where in an idyllic setting and accompanied by paris luxury escort, you can taste only sea food.

To ensure that you do not choose, we are sure that the trip will be pleasant and memorable.