Unusual ways to travel around Paris!

Public transport, modern cars and even Hiking are not the only way to travel around the French capital. Paris has always welcomed originality, so invites guests to see the city from different angles. And to share the joy of unusual walks, with the beauty of the city, a beautiful stranger, Paris call girls and seductive companion will be an invaluable guide and personal agent on the journey.

After new York city, Las Vegas and Hawaii Paris also opened its branch of air travel by helicopter. The route goes over the château de Versailles and the magnificent gardens of Le nôtre with an hour stop at the airport of Saint-Cyr-ekole and the final landing in the vicinity of the Seine. All panoramic flights are shot in real time, thanks to the system of onboard cameras.

Those who love the sky, but not attracted to the sound of propellers and propeller invites you to climb aboard the biggest balloon in the world. A fascinating journey will take place at an altitude of 150 meters against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, snow-white clouds and an impressive panorama of Paris.

If you don't mind changing your luxury car to the antique Citroen 2CV or the vintage-look Ural RETRO sidecar for a while there is nothing easier than to take a Retro tour or a romantic night cruise to Montmartre accompanied by fun stories and a bottle of champagne.
Do you want to feel like a character of a bygone era of stylish convertibles during prohibition and world war II?

Like a time machine, go back to the world of cabaret and burlesque? Paris offers themed tours on the legendary vintage Citroen Traction-Avant along the routes of the ancient city. Luxurious salon, open top near the beautiful elegant lady Paris girls escort in a journey through the magnificent alleys, magnificent gardens and past the most interesting monuments of the past.

The choice of convenient transport is unlimited. The capital offers electric bikes and vintage trucks, Dutch bikes, segway, yachts and cruise ships, cute city trams and mini trains. All possible types of movement, allowing you to feel the freedom and joy of unusual communication with the beautiful city.

Welcome to Paris, the world of not only art, but also unusual technical innovations.