Skyscrapers of Paris

When it comes to the architecture of Paris, in the minds of the overwhelming majority of people there are associations associated with neat low-rise buildings of the late Middle Ages. Many believe that the tallest building in the capital of France is the Eiffel Tower.

Indeed, for a very long time Paris and skyscrapers were incompatible concepts. Unlike most European and world capitals. But modern trends, in the end, touched the architectural appearance of this rather conservative city.

The largest number of high-rise buildings is located in the suburb of La Defense (La Defense). This is a kind of business district where business centers and office complexes are located. It is here that the concentration of successful gentlemen in impeccable costumes accompanied by luxury girls of the category Paris call girls, as if descended from the covers of glossy magazines, is the highest.

This quarter, built in the middle of the twentieth century, is considered one of the largest business areas of the entire European continent. It contains 13 of the 18 tallest buildings in the French capital. The most notable of them are the following:

    • Tour First tower, 231 meters high and 56 floors in total, which is an absolute record for the whole of France;

    • 186-meter skyscraper Tour Gun;

    • the multifunctional complex Hermitage Plaza under construction, consisting of two towers (86 and 85 floors), the highest point of which according to the project is located at a height of 323 meters.

And this is not a complete list of the high-rise block of La Defense, where the business elite of not only France but all of Europe concentrated. Suffice it to say that in an area whose permanent population is estimated at 20,000 inhabitants, about 150,000 people come to work every day.

However, some high-rise buildings can be found in Paris itself. One of them is the famous Montparnasse Tower, which not only ordinary tourists from all over the world come to admire, but also respectable gentlemen, accompanied by beauties of the class Paris girls escorts, stars of sport and show business, world celebrities. It has 59 floors, and its height is 210 meters.

In fairness it should be noted that there are very few modern skyscrapers in the city center. Paris values ​​its traditions and jealously guards them. Therefore, in spite of any fashionable trends, the city manages to maintain its unique and unique architectural image.