How romantic are you?

Tell me, do you like yourself? When was the last time you arranged a holiday for yourself? It does not mean a banquet or a party on the occasion of the signing of another profitable contract, not a birthday, not a game of golf with important people, but time devoted solely to indulging your desires, moods and movements of the soul.

And since you are now in Paris, the city best of all in the world knows the sense of temptation, maybe you should relax a little and arrange a spontaneous holiday for yourself personally. And to make this day into something special, choose the most beautiful girl from Paris elite escort.

If you are ready for adventure, take advantage of routes not often advertised by travel agencies. The capital is an extraordinarily beautiful city, but like all beauty, it can at times be tiring. So if you are tired of the sights, go to the field without leaving the city.

This little secret is called "Champagne of Paris", built in the early 20th century, it consists of 92 pavilions hiding a real French village under the roof and is an ideal place to relax.

Want contrasts and more vivid and rich impressions - get down into the catacombs. Under the ground the French capital is full of holes, caves and quarries, where the last refuge of 6 million Parisians was found. In the long underground gallery, which has become a museum, one can see one of the impressive pages of the city's history of freedom.

To correct a somewhat gloomy impression from the catacombs, look into the Latin Quarter, especially since it's time to have a bite to eat. Here at the luxury store Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché, where food is considered art, you will finally understand the reason for the centuries-old love between the French and the gastronomy. The main thing is that your bank account should withstand the charm of champagne and foie gras flavored with sweets.

And in the end, an impressive excursion program, if you are tired with a girl from VIP escort Paris, go to the mosque. Here, outside the walls of the great Parisian mosque, in a luxurious setting in the Spanish-Moorish style is the hammam.

You are waiting for steam and fruit baths, an infinite number of baths, from cold to hot, massage, body scrubs and fine tea with mint before leaving. This evening is an update of the soul and body.

However, the program may be different, the capital is ready to indulge in any of your whims. The main thing is to make a real holiday, and we will help you find the ideal companion, who shares your interests.