The whole world from the Eiffel Tower

Today it is hard to believe, but the most famous nowadays symbol of Paris, which any child knows - the Eiffel Tower - could not exist at all. The fact is that in the middle and even in the end of the XIX century the well-organized capital of France was legitimately proud of its architectural scale, executed mainly in motives of the classicism, baroque and graceful Rococo styles. Modernist for those times, the metal construction, proposed by a little-known at that time engineer, disgusted the exquisite and elegant tastes of Parisians.

Who would have thought that a futuristic structure, not carrying any functionality, originated in the heart of the City of Love, will become the most famous symbol of Paris. Today, to the heights of genius, as it turned out, the works of Gustave Eiffel each year attract tens of millions of tourists from all over the world.

A good tone, a sign of high style and a sense of taste (which in French is called "komilfo"), today is the rise to the Eiffel Tower, accompanied by a dazzling beauty class Paris escort, which will allow you to look at the legendary city from a completely different perspective.


The vicissitudes of fate

Even more incredible, compared with the history of appearance, it seems the fact that the Eiffel Tower after the end of the World International Exhibition in 1888 in general was planned to be dismantled and handed over almost to scrap. How much humanity could lose if this plan were prevented.

They say that from the height of the Eiffel Tower you can see not only Paris, but the whole world. And if there is a beautiful woman from the agency Paris escort service, who knows all the secrets of this city, legends and fairy-tales with which the capital of France is covered, then even a person who seems to be deprived of a penchant for sentiments can immerse himself in the atmosphere of romance and love. Moreover, the city itself speaks with a guest with some special language:

A unique cuisine, combined with rich winemaking traditions, gives absolute pleasure to absolutely any guest.

And if you also pay attention to the charming smile, the impressions of the trip to Paris will remain in your memory forever. It is not for nothing that the capital of France is most often called the tourist center of the world.