July events worth seeing!

Paris is not the Maldives and the Canary Islands, but the summer, the sun and the presence of the Seine have allowed the capital to once again open the beach season. Since the beginning of July, as if by magic, the banks of the main river of the city have been turned into beaches where cabins, cabins, sun loungers and striped umbrellas will appear.

All you need for a pleasant summer season enjoyment is on the two main beaches of the city of Parc Rives de Seine and Bassin de la Villette.

Considering the serious approach to the organization of entertainment activities, the beach season is not limited only to swimming and getting sunburn. A rich summer program includes sailing, water polo, rowing, as well as entertaining walks on catamarans, pedal water bicycles and rollerblades.

On the beaches there are sports grounds, mobile libraries, and bars and restaurants in the open air, where you can taste Italian, Breton, Mexican and Asian cuisine, work on both sides of the Seine until midnight.

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On the beach of Glaz'art until September is the eighth international festival La Plage with its open stage, night parties on the sand and concerts in the sunset. The program includes concerts every Wednesday and from Thursday to Monday the opening of the beach club, nightly entertainment, home cooking, and entertain guests will be more than 500 artists from all over the world.

In late July, it is worth looking into the Pailleron basin, where for seven days a seven-meter, helium-filled replica of the moon will shine, and the Parisians will have the opportunity to swim in fairy-tale beams of moonlight.

As part of the celebration of the centenary of the end of the First World War, every night a grandiose show depicting the war through the eyes of the child will unfold on the facade of the national hotel Invalides. Thanks to multi-channel sound and four new-generation laser projectors, you will have a fantastic performance.

On July 22, more than 700 vintage cars, motorcycles, cargo and passenger buses will leave for the streets of the city. Fans of mobile antiques can not only admire the transport of the past days, but if desired, in the company Paris escort ride on the early models of Buick, Ford, Citroen or Chrysler. As you understand, the month promises to be rich and fantastically interesting.