Cultural attractions of Paris

Paris is rightfully considered the cultural capital of Europe. In no other city of the Old World is it possible to find such a high proportion of cultural and historical attractions, museums, theaters and galleries. Moreover, in the French capital, almost every day new and new sites are opening, demonstrating both classical and contemporary art.

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The main cultural points of Paris

Of course, speaking of Paris, you can not fail to mention the Eiffel Tower - this legendary symbol of the French capital. This object of tourist worship is famous not only for restaurants, but also for curious excursions.

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Naturally, visiting the main symbol of Paris is not the only point of the cultural tourism program. The capital of France can please its guests with an incredibly long list of attractions, related specifically to the cultural side:


The Palace of Versailles.

And this is not a complete list. The number of museums, exhibitions and venues where cultural events are held in Paris is simply impossible to count! In addition, this city, covered with historical legends, lives a completely modern life, responsive to today's fashion trends and trends.