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The history of the European continent is extraordinarily rich bt events which continually plucked from their homes a huge number of people and threw them to roam the world. These movements are not always limited by just one continent - in search of a better life European adventurers crossed continents and seas, establishing the previously unknown Empire humanity over the metropolis and the colonies which never set daylight.

Sometimes, the colonists were returning back after being in a new place created a family, the union could be formed as a representative of the people living on the other side of the continent, and also went over the sea in search of happiness, and a representative of one of the tribes aborigines.

All this has given a significant upgrade of the gene pool, that its loss for the times of the Inquisition were ruthless with interest blocked and Europe is once again transformed into a huge boiling pot, which not only alloyed together the peoples and ethnic groups, but also from time to time gave rise to the finest specimens of human nature.

Beauty Centre has rightly become the French capital - Paris for centuries created itself a reputation of being a collector of the most fashionable trends.

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