The French capital have the main goal

Although humanity has emerged from the equatorial and subequatorial regions of the planet, the main processes for the formation of a modern civilizational appearance unfolded much further to the north, where the total limited resources and the complexity of their extraction, reinforced by unfavorable climatic conditions, made man manifest all his phenomenal resourcefulness and exceptional intellect to ensure his own survival.

Thanks to this for centuries and millennia in northern parts of Europe, a kind of genetic code has formed, predetermining the development of this territory for many years to come. Another factor that strengthened this thermonuclear genetic mixture was the fact that in search of new sources of continually depleting resources the continent was constantly shaken by wars and simply by the movement of large masses of people in different directions.

It took a little more effort to ensure that one of the European capitals won the title of continental and then the world capital of beauty and fashion, and here escort Paris turns into a full-fledged competitor to more traditional attractions, although for obvious reasons do not get into most of the tourist Booklets and promotional materials of travel agencies.

The multiplicity of this service sector and the intense competition that reigns in it, including through price tools, allows it to have a huge, huge target audience, and the lower threshold of financial solvency can be accessed even for a poor middle-aged who has gone abroad on weekend. Moreover, some of these short trips to the French capital have the main goal to get a new experience with Paris call girls or to repeat pleasant adventures from the past visit to Paris.

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