On the verge of fiction!

Paris never tires of surprising, trying to stay in the forefront of world art. And even if something he can not create himself, kindly provides demonstration sites to one of the first to present another sensational masterpiece to the world. One of such exceptional events awaits the Parisians and guests of the capital in the middle of May.

The Grande Halle de La Villette will host the long-awaited exhibition of the Japanese team Teamlab, offering guests a poetic journey to the border between art and digital technologies.

Visitors to 360 degrees surrounded by digital images will observe a unique phenomenon, as in response to their movements, pictures will come to life, change and evolve. Stars will be lit, flowers bloom and move, the characters depicted in the pictures.

Visiting the exhibition accompanied by VIP escort ladies, you seem to be in the epicenter of a fabulous change of fantastic scenery. The world surrounding you will change every second, only the visitors and the girl accompanying you will remain unchanged.

Another unusual spectacle is going to amaze its guests the French capital in May. This time it will be an equestrian ballet in the rhythm of Mozart's Requiem.

Accompanied by the riders and horses of the equestrian academy of Versailles and the Regional Choir of Vittoria d'Île-de-France, visitors will be greeted by a magnificent liturgy of voices and riders. It will be a grandiose show, because in this unusual alliance of cavalry beauty and the music of the dead lies the melodic alchemy of existence beyond life.

A mystery that causes tears in your eyes and makes your heart beat more often. Excellence, accented by the original choreography and

music of eternity. According to the press, the grandiose performance will transfer the audience to a parallel world.

Until the end of May, you can also visit, accompanied by elite girls escort, the show of Taiwan's first professional dance company called "Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theater" and the Villette Sonique Music Festival, which will host recognized international underground artists.

Recall that all these events will take place in the Grande Halle de La Villette, a building that is a historical monument and a former massacre. Restored in 2007, it has become one of the most famous venues for exhibitions, festivals, music shows and concert programs.