Night cocktails in Paris

The business vanity of the day and the summer heat, which does not have a way for walking, several times increased the number of night owls, with the onset of twilight filling the most fashionable bars in Paris.

The night life is fraught with an inexplicable charm that combines the beauty of Paris girls escorts , relaxed communication with almost unknown people and a luxurious taste of cocktails. And if on this night it is especially difficult for you to go to sleep, go to the Marais district, the headquarters of the most modern night bars in the capital.

Cocktail bar: La Candelaria. For not very attractive, at first glance, the facade is hidden Mexican takeria, where homemade tacos and toasts are offered. However, not only delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere attract visitors to the club.

Behind the secret door, which only the most knowledgeable visitors know, a cocktail bar for the night owls hides, where rumored to serve the most delightful Margarita in Paris. In favor of visiting the bar, the intimate atmosphere of the chamber room and the presence of Kim Kardashian family are among the visitors.

Max y Jeremy is a fashionable place, according to legend, it hides more than one treasure. Legends are legendary, in fact this very fashionable bar in a beautiful vaulted cellar where customers are attracted by crazy parties, excellent cocktails, Basque cuisine, Spanish wines and fine cheeses with an emphasis on Gouda a La trufa. In general, Spanish food and a bustling, friendly Spanish atmosphere.

Underground bar Little Red Door. Do not worry, this bar does not offer anything illegal or illegal, just following the trends of New York small establishments that slowly blossom in the Parisian landscape, Little Red Door did not take care to hang a sign with its name on the door, so you can get in only after the preliminary order online.

If you want to spend an evening in the company of the lovely companion Paris escort, the girls will be happy to make an order on your behalf.

Behind the door in the style of a rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland lies a warm and stylish attic where stone walls, colorful chairs, openwork grilles and modern painting create a fantastically pleasant atmosphere.

In the menu, original cocktails, which are constantly changing, adapting to the tastes and mood of each visitor. If desired, ask the bartender for a recipe and he will gladly share with you a couple of secrets.