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February is the month of carnivals, whose bright colors and unrestrained merriment testify to the farewell to the winter and the imminent arrival of spring.

The French, as well as the rest of Europeans adore this holiday, but since everyone is accustomed to set the tone, their carnival processions are especially pompous and diverse.

And if you were lucky enough to come to Paris in February, it is worthwhile to look at the colorful cortege with at least one eye, and if you want, you can join it, traveling the streets of the city to a jolly music, fun and laughter. And as a companion to invite a beautiful girl from the models escort Paris.

And do not rush to call carnivals not sophisticated entertainment, until you see how much they enjoy the Parisians. However, if you want a more grand spectacle, go from Paris to Nice for the most important February event on the Cote d'Azur.

A charming model as an escort will be a worthy companion, because not only possesses heavenly beauty, complaisant character, but also a mass of business merits. Enjoying the mild climate of the carnival season on the Riviera, you do not have to worry about household trivia, guide services and an interpreter, as well as a personal assistant.

And you will definitely need it, since from February 17 to March 3, Nice will live in a busy schedule of the most spectacular winter holiday. Grandiose carnival processions will be replaced by concerts of world celebrities, the performance of street musicians compete with the splendor and spectacularity of fireworks, and as a culmination, a battle of colors awaits you and all this splendor will occur against the background of the sea, elegance and grace of the bohemian Nice.

However, if the trip does not interest you, you will not be bored in the capital either, especially if you use high class escort Paris. Even being busy in the evening, you can devote a variety of nightlife to the city.

View a new performance in Cabra Crazy Horse, having fallen under the charm of sensual, eternally charming and dazzling in its almost undiscovered beauty of dancers. Pay tribute to the exotic cuisine in the unusual Kong restaurant, which successfully combines French and Japanese cuisine.

To see Paris at night from the deck of a boat, cruising the Seine or drinking a glass of wine in Le Cyrano, a cafe chosen by the creative bohemia.With our escort, February will not seem cold to you.