Paris is not for nothing that is rightfully proud of the world cultural capital. The number, variety and breadth of the palette of a wide variety of entertainment here is literally off scale. And, it concerns not only traditional kinds of art. Forever young capital of France with the greatest pleasure absorbs the most modern trends and trends, offering its residents and guests more and more new delights.


The symbol of the classics of Paris culture

Of course, one of the iconic points of the cultural component of Paris is the legendary Grand Opera State Theater, sometimes called the local inhabitants of the Opera Garnier. Founded in 1669, it is no less famous around the world than the Italian "La Scala", the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater and even more so American platforms such as "Carnegie Hall" or "Madison Square Garden".


Unique surroundings and unique atmosphere

As befits a classical chamber stage, the Grand Opera in Paris is a concentration of luxury, chic and conservative traditions:


But, of course, the Paris theater Grand Opera is famous not for outward gloss and ostentatious luxury, but for the quality of the world-class performances offered. It's amazing how this cultural-mass institution keeps such a high quality level for several centuries already! Absolutely any program of the proposed repertoire has a unique atmosphere, impeccably calibrated atmosphere and, of course, unsurpassed quality of performers and musicians.


Just a holiday of some kind

There is no doubt that visiting the main opera house of Paris is an unforgettable event for any connoisseur of classical art. Moreover, even those people who can not rank themselves among the fans of the opera, are happy to visit the Grand Opera at the first opportunity.


Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that here on every show, any of which becomes a landmark world cultural event, you can meet well-known politicians accompanied by wives, famous artists in the company of charming girlfriends, successful businessmen in the company of dazzling beauties elite girls escorts, adding dazzling lights interiors of the opera house, over the design of which worked legendary artists and designers.