The romantic atmosphere

Few people know that the capital of the Fifth French Republic began with a .. swamp, which was called Ile de Beaute. The ancient Celts called this island Lusitania, which means “puddle”. It was later in France that Louis, Portos, Aramis, and cardinals appeared.

But initially, in this swamp was listed only a small island, in French, the concept of "Ile" means just the island. But the name of this piece of land is associated with incredible legends, secrets and riddles.

Unlike most cities in France, Paris, which is geographically closer to the north, is distinguished by a fairly quick alternation of day and night. In other words, the night falls on this romantic place, like a dream. But, wisely, this nuance causes a number of paradoxes. After all, Paris by night surprises all inhabitants of the Earth with its unique colors:

• the incredible beauty of local women, even if they belong to the category of elite girls escorts  and the unique charisma of the men accompanying them;

• unique music, authentic atmosphere, inexpressible entourage;

• such inexpressible things, such as the famous croissants, the famous French coffee and, of course, the world-famous chanson.

Oddly enough, it all owes its birth to this very small island. Yes, he can very quickly change the sun's rays to very cloudy weather. Yes, since part of the land is an island, it is often disturbed by storms.

But it is here, on the outskirts of the banks of golden descents to the river, wealthy people allow themselves to relax - fashionable men, dazzling beauties of the Paris escort service class, pious married couples, stars of show business and world celebrities.

And while that's what's interesting. It should be understood that the Ile de Beaute geographically has a very modest size. Moreover, the activities of tourists from all over the world, global warming and the general negative global processes make the territory of this cradle of the French capital less and less.

But the beauty of this piece of land calls and beckons. And the romantic atmosphere attracts here not only romantics, but also people who are quite skeptical. After all, this island, without any exaggeration, can be called the heart of Paris.