Champs Elysees

In fact, in its current state of "fields" this legendary place of the French capital can not be called anymore. A huge number of hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes do not contribute to the appearance of an impression of this rural idyll. Although, following the traditions, to which the name simply obliges, the Parisian authorities managed to preserve the park area.

It is here that you can observe the highest concentration of tourists from all over the world. Many of them stroll in the company of charming beauties from VIP escort ladies, a lack of which in the most romantic city of the world is clearly not observed.


A story wrapped in mystery

Strange as it may seem, historians still can not come to a common opinion either about the time of improvement of this area, or about the origin of the name of the region, which lies in an amazing way strictly along the axis of the city. On the one hand, the first recorded in written historical sources mention of these hunting grounds date back to the beginning of the XVII century. On the other hand, there is a version according to which these places were popular with ancient Romans.

Much more solidary researchers in the issues of etymology. It is considered that the name of the Champs Elysees is due to the mythical Greek Hellenism - the final point of the earthly journey of any person, to fields where there is neither pain nor sorrow. This legend is delighted to tell charming guides from elite girls escorts, which adds to them not only more charm, but also maximizes the immersion of the guest in the unique atmosphere of mystery and mystery, which literally imbues the city.


Provinciality in the center

Whatever it was, until the 18th century, this area, located in the north-west of Paris, really was a flat uncultivated area, full of diverse fauna representative of Central Europe. True, not everyone was allowed to hunt here. Among the elected were, as a rule:

This is today the name "Champs Elysees" is the central street of the city, where accompanied by several foreign language beauties Paris call girls can be found from anywhere in the world. And once it was a real boondock, God forgotten corner. It's hard to believe that for some 200 years this place was not just landscaped and gained a lot of sights, but it became a real symbol of the capital of France!