Chamber show of Paris!

Still no one complained that in Paris it was tastelessly fed, because food, like fashion, according to the French, is a way to serve beauty. And, as is known, Parisians have always been its most ardent admirers. So you are unlikely to find in the capital at least one restaurant in which food would not be a true work of art. 

Moreover, in Paris they like to combine gastronomy and entertainment. Therefore, if there is a desire, you can go to restaurants where art serves on two fronts, gives flavoring delights and carries away spectacular performances. As a pleasant company, you can use the services of our agency to order elite girls escort. The seductive elegant lady, as an accompanying person, perfectly corresponds to the bohemian essence of the great city, and the best company for a wealthy single man. 

If you are fascinated by the magic of circus art, book a table in Le Z├Ębre de Belleville, Europe's smallest cabaret. The friendly atmosphere of the former cinema is combined with a fair amount of humor. And while you are enjoying traditional French cuisine, you are entertained by rope walkers, acrobats, magically fly cups and dishes, music and funny clown reprises, and after the performance the artists invite guests to dance. 

If there is a desire to travel during the Wild West it is worth to visit the Wild West Show, with a traditional cowboy hat on your head, you will have a luxurious dinner accompanied by a spectacular cowboy performance of the times of conquest of the West. The menu features authentic hot chili with red beans, traditional Texas dishes and hot apple treats with vanilla ice cream. 

Real magic, interactive magic offers "Double Fond" a small cafe-theater in the heart of Paris. You will have an unusual dinner without cutlery and plates, but with an exquisite 5 and 4 star menu, as well as magical transformations, mysterious stunts that will not be performed on stage, but right before your eyes. And all this against the backdrop of the picturesque, magical interior furnishings of the room. 

Paris call girls to engage an excellent lady for dinner and discover the not-so-ordinary Paris restaurants. Just do not forget to do this in advance, so that wonderful companions will take care of the timely armor on the table and help you choose a restaurant and entertainment to taste. Paris has so many temptations that it seems that there is not enough life to try everything