Legends and secrets of the Latin Quarter

Needless to say, there are a lot of places in Paris, a visit which is considered compulsory for any guest of the French capital. This is the Champs Elysees, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and many others. But even in this list, the Latin quarter, enveloped in fame and legend, occupies one of the first places.

Surrounded on all sides by the famous University of Sorbonne and several other well-known educational institutions, this area, which does not have clearly defined borders, is famous not only for its cozy bistros and cafes, bookshops and second-hand shops, which are inexpressible and liberated student spirit. It is also a quaint narrow street with a characteristic bizarre architecture, a lot of historical and cultural attractions, a unique romantic atmosphere.

How to organize a visit to the Latin Quarter correctly

Of course, you can get unforgettable impressions from the Latin Quarter and look at it from the window of the tourist bus. But in this case, the probability is high that the guest does not fully feel the very aura of romance, the atmosphere of mystery and involvement in something eternal. The same can be said about standard walking group tours, passing at a fairly fast pace and accompanied by the even, as if inanimate, voice of the guide.

It is quite another matter to study all the beauties of the area, accompanied by the charming elite class Elite girls escorts, which passes through an individual program. A charming companion, fluent in several languages and thoroughly knowledgeable about Grod, will reveal all the secrets of the Latin Quarter and tell exciting legends connected with it!

And to look in this huge "quarter", located on the left bank of the Seine and covering at once two city districts - the 5th and the 6th - there really is something:

And also - numerous churches, the most impressive view of Notre Dame Cathedral, picturesque embankments.

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This will not only help to fully experience the romantic atmosphere that is literally imbued with this area and the city as a whole, but will also leave the brightest memories and unforgettable impressions from the trip to Paris!