Light show of Paris at night!

Among the many epithets that, at different times, the French capital was awarded, there is also a city of lights - a real light show with the onset of darkness. As soon as a night comes to the city, its streets become more lively than in the daytime. 

Loving couples stroll along to the accompaniment of luxurious illumination around the city, and nightclubs offer a lot of music, cocktails and glamor. Surprises never end and in the most fashionable quarters of night owls expect the most unpredictable entertainment. 

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If you are very lucky, you can spend an unforgettable night in the most exclusive club of Paris SILENCIO. It is worth reserving a table in advance, because the entertainment program is the most diverse from the performances of famous artists to the tasting of exotic dishes. This is perhaps the only club in the city by the number of world celebrities per square meter. 

Do not be upset if you get to the club created by the famous American director David Lynch, you will not succeed. Give preference to the classics and look into the former residence of the composer Georges Bizet, the elected club Carmen. 

About the past of the institution, which managed to visit its hotel and brothel for a long time, resembles red velvet, huge mirrors, beds and a large golden cage, and modernity embodies music, magnificent art shows, creative cocktails and 40 varieties of gin. 

A very Parisian atmosphere, combined with good music, awaits the midnight guests at Concorde Atlantique - the largest three-story boat parked at the National Assembly and the Orsay Museum. Concord has three levels of Salle Atlantique, Salle du Bas and an impressive terrace overlooking the Tuileries Gardens and the Alexander III Bridge, and offers a bar, cocktail dinner, disco, modern acoustics and 450 square meters of uniquely equipped rooms. 

The choice of entertainment is huge, from a disco to electro pop music in an intimate Chacha club, to a concert program in the basement eclectic Chez Moune. And for the walk left the most pleasant impressions, order VIP escort ladies

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