Walk through the best wine cellars in Paris!

Wine and France are synonyms. Every Frenchman believes that he knows much more about wine than all other mortals, just because he is a resident of this country. What can we say about Parisians, whose city offers visitors a lot of cozy cellars, where along with the world-famous brands of classic wines you can try a delicious bouquet of beverages from private vineyards.

Therefore, if you are going for a walk around Paris, and there is a desire to enjoy an abundance of shades of real French wine, made not for export, but for your own, choose a pleasant companion from VIP escort ladies and any of the addresses listed below.

Charming companion not only will not allow you to get lost in the intricacies of the metropolitan streets, but also as a guide will help to find a common language with others. After all, where wine is poured, new acquaintances and heated debates are required.


Where to drink wine in Paris

Look first at Montparnasse, where on the corner of the Emperarra street is La Cave des Papilles, a cellar offering organic organic wines, as well as beer and cider made with the highest care of the environment.

The owner is known as one of the best connoisseurs of wine, and the young sommelier will offer the most refined beverages at reasonable prices. And do not be embarrassed by bright, full of drawings and colors labels. Here, practically, there are no classical wines, only handmade.

If the bio epithet for wine is not what you like, the personal guide will take you to La Dernière Goutte, where the best collection of private producers' wines is collected. And if you come for a weekend, then you have a chance to get free tastings on Saturdays and Sundays with the participation of famous winemakers.

No matter how beautiful winter Paris is, the cold and dank wind causes a desire to warm up. To overturn a glass of good cognac invites Le verre volé, where besides home wines there is an excellent calvados and whiskey from private collections.

And cold snacks for excellent collection wine, interesting presentations of new products you will find in a well-designed La Cave de Septime.

This, of course, is not all the colorful wine cellars of the capital. And if you are interested in individual walks - Paris call girls. Beautiful women and good wine, essential components of an excellent holiday. And here you will find the most charming companions, elegant, refined and charming. Those that add a note of piquancy to any seemingly trivial journey.