Winter motifs of Paris

To begin, perhaps, with the weather. Despite the fact that the capital of France is located closer to the northern borders of the country, the geographical position itself provides quite comfortable living regardless of the season. Of course, the chance to meet world stars accompanied by charming beauties of the Paris girls escorts class in winter time is in some way reduced.

It goes without saying that all glamorous men and women come off the glossy covers of expensive magazines in the summer. But even in winter in Paris, the air temperature almost never takes on negative values.

Staying in a cataclysm

It is clear that Paris is not Miami, where the sun shines 367 days out of 365 days a year. It is clear that the capital of France, like any other city in Central Europe, sometimes covers rainfall.

But Paris differs from many Central European cities in that it can be admired even during bad weather! To do this, do not even have to buy an umbrella. You can take advantage of the obvious advantages that this incredibly hospitable city provides:

• shelter from the rain under the roof of one of the many museums;

• feel sad about the weather in one of a thousand bistros, remembering the summer and listening to the unique rumble of a local accordion;

• wearing a chic costume that is called “spick and span”, go, accompanied by a dazzling companion from the top-models escort Paris agency, to the theater, the opera, and even to the cabaret;

Of course, you can dream long and deep. Including you can dream all your life about a trip to the City of Eternal Love. But it does not necessarily seek to get here just during the so-called \"hot\" season. Arriving in Paris in the winter, you may not see the bright world stars on the red carpet, a charming light show on the Eiffel Tower, which the Parisians themselves consider to be absolutely useless.

In return, you will receive the minimum number of tourists, heart-rendingly wailing in their native languages. In addition, the price of coffee and the famous croissants in the winter fall at times. And the hotel can be checked in - otherwise it is impossible in summer, regardless of the level of comfort and the question of Combian. Not to mention the legendary Parisian shopping. There certainly can save a fortune. Compared to summer, prices are falling so that you can save the budget of some small country ...

But, however, is it worth considering Paris from the mercantile point of view? Yes, New York is called the business capital of the world. Rome is admired for the historical heritage of this city, London is famous for its stiffness and inflexibility. And Paris has absorbed all this, and even beautiful at any time of the year!