Fashionable suburb of Paris


Officially, the northern outskirts of Paris bears the status of a suburb, but most residents of the French capital consider it one of the districts of the city. Moreover, Parisians often rank Saint-Denis as one of the most iconic places, along with the Champs Elysees, Montmartre and the Latin Quarter.

A well-appointed luxury area with a developed infrastructure is highly popular among both foreign tourists and the local beau monde - show business figures, successful businessmen, beauties of the Paris escort service category, representatives of Parisian bohemia. This is not surprising if you know the history of this place, which is closely connected with the fate of almost all French monarchs.

The fiefdom of monks and the last refuge of kings

This famous district received its name in honor of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Denis, which bears the unofficial title of the main monastery of France. The first mention of it refers to the turn of the era of our era, when there existed a small Roman settlement Katulliak. In 475, a basilica was erected here, which in 630 became the main church of the monastery.

But the real glory of Saint-Denis acquired thanks to the French kings. At the very beginning of the XIII century, Louis IX, who received the nickname \"Holy\" during his lifetime, ordered to transfer the remains of all his crowned ancestors to the church, which had already become a full-fledged temple complex. Since then, Saint-Denis received royal status.

Today, on the gravestones of the former monastery, you can explore the history of France. At one time, truly legendary personalities rested here:

    • 25 kings;

    • 84 princesses and prince;

    • and even ministers, cardinals and other important persons even difficult to count.

Is it any wonder that the Saint-Denis district considers it their duty to visit European monarchs, Arab sheikhs, famous film actors, and rich men in impeccable costumes accompanied by dazzling beauties of high-class escorts Paris in chic dresses. And may not all tombs have survived to this day, the royal entourage of this place attracts admirers of history and culture from all over the world.

Many have seen the walls of an old abbey. The change of epochs and kings, revolutions and invaders raids. But even today, these ancient walls have not lost their magical appeal, proudly towering over the sea of ​​men and not hurrying to reveal their secrets.